A Super Mario Thing LP


Here is the playlist for the entire LP (Let’s Play) of ASMT, A Super Mario Thing.


ASMT LP Playlist


This is one of my favorite games, and it’s an obscure little title.  Here’s a brief overview; in 1990 Super Mario World was released as the first game on the Super Nintendo, now held to be one of the best platforming games of all time.  Beginning in the early 2000’s, some intrepid people began deconstructing the game’s ROM, and separating the bits and pieces of the game engine.  Ultimately, this allowed anyone to come in and make their own version of Super Mario World, changing music, sprites, graphics, really as much as they wanted.  My favorite hack, as they are called, is this one, created by an internet community known as the Talkhaus for a Youtube personality named raocow.  He mostly LP’s Super Mario World hacks, including this one made for him by his fans, of which I am one.

You can play this game by downloading an emulator for the SNES, and an original ROM for Super Mario World (google works best).  Then go to SMWcentral.net, the center of hacking Super Mario World, to download the ASMT patch.  Then you have to patch the Super Mario World ROM with the ASMT .iso file.  Sounds complicated, but you can do it!